Our Journey




In 2003 the Dutch fashion brand Elsewhere is established by its designer Sylvia Elders, driven by her vision on creating suitable clothes with a fine balance between style, quality and price



In 2005 we opened the doors of our first Elsewhere shop. Our shop and office are both located in the oldest shopping area of Holland, the city centre of Nijmegen.



Elsewhere has a team of professionals who are responsible for the prosperity of the company.



Over the past years, while visiting our customers and production partners, we have met fantastic people all over the world. Every day we feel blessed to have the possibility to work together.













About Elsewhere

The timeless collection characterizes itself by her own creative style, feminine silhouette and neutral colours.
Black, as being the base color, will be available in every seasons collection.
We offer 2 collections a year in the size range 36 until 46.
Refined simplicity and style are being combined into a unique product.



Waaldijk 9, 6673 MC, Andelst

The Netherlands

TEL: +31-243600068


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