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About women’s belts

Typically crafted from leather or heavy cloth, women’s belts are used to stylishly secure an item of clothing. Their main purpose is to gracefully ensure clothing around the waist or above the hips stays in place in a manner similar to suspenders or garters. They are used to stylishly secure jeans or to beautifully enhance waistlines by cinching the look of a sweater, dress or coat.

Must-have fashion accessories

Beautifully designed women’s belts are must-have fashion accessories for years to come. With several unspoken rules relating to its shape and color, wearing such a supporting band has become an embedded fashion trend instead of a necessity. Trapunto straps, fine stitch gauge, tapered tips and beveled edges, combined with a smooth brown leather backing, are only a few of the specialty accents a belt for women can possess. It is customary to match the metal buckle color to jewelry worn and to make the straps’ color complimentary to the shoe color.

Cinch your look

In this day and age, women’s belts have converted from a strictly utilitarian item to a new way to cinch any look. In former times they were used to carry coin purses or holsters, present-day only certain professions still use them in lieu of pockets. Coming in all shapes and sizes, smaller models are often used to uphold trousers, while wider ones (known as waist cinchers) often function as a modernised corset. Sold in different lengths, a belt for women comes in numerous styles, beautiful colors and detailed finishes, adjusted to fit different waist sizes. There is always a model that suits your outfit perfectly.

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Generally, trousers come with loops, allowing the strap to go through and tightly secure the garment in place. Due to the loops, women’s belts used for trousers cannot be too thick or thin. Due to those same loops, they are usually between 28-32 mm wide. Often stylishly secured with a distinctive silver, gold or steel buckle, they can vary between simple one-color finishes to beautifully decorated multicolored accessories embroidered with images or logos. Suede, canvas, rope, vinyl, braided leather and tooled leather are only a few of the beautiful fabrics used to craft these fashion items in today’s modern era. So they can effortlessly complete any attire and add a finishing touch to countless casual and formal outfits year in, year out.