5 top spring outfits for women

5 top spring outfits for women

Sunrays slowly creep through the cloud cover. Flowers start to blossom. Spring is in the air. A great time to go through your wardrobe and swap those cozy pullovers for something more breezy and fun. With these 5 top spring outfits for women you can always look the part – whatever the occasion.

1. The classic blazer + blouse

Time to ditch those heavy cardigans and start wearing something more appropriate for this time of the year like a blazer. Combine with a nice blouse to create a French style outfit suited for both work related events and casual gathering.

2. Long dresses

Long dresses are a top pick for a reason. These dresses emit a joyful vibe perfectly for spring time while still offering enough coverage to keep you warm during those chilly evenings. Great with a jacket when it gets really frigid!

3. Tunics & leggings

Tunics and leggings make great spring outfits for women. They’re both comfortable and versatile. Pair with a jacket or light cardigan for a smart casual look or slip into some high heels for a semi-formal business attire.

4. Tie dyed fun

Especially in early spring people tend to be in high spirits. And there’s no better way to strengthen those merry feelings than with the fun and stylish prints of a tie dye top. Or other tie dyed types of clothing for that matter!

5. Leg showing skirts

Finally we’re not restricted to trousers anymore. Although subtle, we can now throw on a skirt and get some much needed sunshine on our legs. Pair with a tucked-in blouse or shirt for a dapper appearance that draws eyes to it everywhere you go.

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