7 women’s fashion trends in 2023

7 damesmode trends in 2023

7 women’s fashion trends in 2023

Discover the latest women’s fashion trends now at Elsewhere Fashion. From co-ord sets and wide pants to minimalism, we’ve listed the most striking fashion trends of 2023 for you. This means that your wardrobe is always fashionable and on-trend.

1. Co-ord sets

One of the most popular women’s fashion trends of 2023: co-ord sets. Or coordinating sets. Here you wear a top and bottom piece in the same fabric and print. In other words, as a set. Think of a blazer with matching pants or a top and skirt in the same print. With these, you always look stylish. Moreover, the garments of a co-ord set are already matched, so you don’t have to think about mixing and matching your clothes.

2. Natural colors

Sustainability and environmental awareness remain important themes. This is also reflected in the women’s fashion trends of 2023. Indeed, natural colors predominate this year. Think of earthy tones like dark brown, green and that warm rust color. Creamy white and beige are also totally in this year. Especially when the weather gets warmer, we expect to see khaki pants and dresses in sand colors. Not surprising, because all these shades go perfectly with natural materials such as organic cotton, linen and wool!

3. Asymmetrical cut

Bright colors and prints attract attention, but you can also add a creative touch to your outfit with asymmetrical cuts. For example, go for clothes with a crooked one hem or neckline. We see this fashion trend mainly on tunics and cardigans, but long dresses can also have a longer back than front, for example. With these asymmetrical items you create a subtle playful look and make your outfit just a little more interesting … without standing out too much.



4. Waistcoats

Waistcoats will also be back in fashion in 2023. And we are happy about that, because with these cardigans you can go in all directions. For example, wear them as an extra layer over a cheerful blouse in the spring or pull one over a comfy sweater in the fall. In addition, you can often opt for a short model (if you want to emphasize your waist) or a slightly longer women’s cardigan (if you want to make the upper body look a bit longer). Something for everyone!

5. Knits & Crochet

Perhaps one of the most striking women’s fashion trends this year: knits and other crochet. Tops and sometimes accessories are made from knitted materials with an open pattern. Think crochet lace, macrame, fishnet and mesh. Due to the airy character of these weaving techniques, we expect to see this fashion trend mainly during the warmer summer months. Crocheted shirts are not only stylish, but also practical when the sun is shining!

6. Wide & Low Pants

Where the tight, high-waisted jeans were almost a must-have in your wardrobe a while ago, this year it’s all about models with wide legs and a low waist. Fortunately, because these pants offer much more freedom of movement and breathing room than those tight skinny jeans. More comfort. That also makes them suitable for a busy day at the office as well as for a nice, casual outfit that you wear at the weekend.

7. Minimalism

It has been popular for a while, but in 2023 we will again see many minimalist outfits in the streets. The power of such outfits lies in their simplicity. In simple, versatile and timeless garments. In high-quality basics that you can style in all kinds of ways. The focus here is on fit, quality materials and neutral colors such as black, white, beige and grey. So less striking details and patterns. That makes it a sustainable fashion trend that you can use for years to come.

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