Dress to Impress

Dress to impress

Nothing is as versatile as a dress, our collections contain a wide range of dresses whose model varies and depends on culture, fashion, weather, or the personal taste of the wearer.
  1. Length and fabric

Whether you are a fan of a short or long dress, thanks to any accessories you can emphasize the feminine shapes or go for a more effortless look for a more everyday style. A shorter model gives more possibilities to work with visible layers, a dress with more length creates a unique modern, everyday style. In our collection you will find dresses of different fabric quality, for the warm days you choose a light linen, cotton, or jersey. For the colder days, we have an offering in jacquard, soft jogging and wool. No dress is the same, varying in color, size, shape, sleeve length, with or without a belt: there is something for everyone.
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  1. Timeless looks

At Elsewhere you are in the right place for an extensive choice of dresses, do you choose an asymmetric model made with an exuberant print or do you prefer to combine a layering dress with other clothing items? A common look is to combine with a legging, this creates depth and a playful effect in your outfit. Also for a basic shirt dress or an avant-garde dress you can succeed with us. A well-fitting model is an indispensable clothing item in the wardrobe of the style-conscious woman of today.
  1. Styling possibilities

Due to the countless styling possibilities, the dress is a versatile piece of clothing. Where length can be chosen to taste, the use of fabrics is also an important aspect in this choice. By combining our thoughtful designs with accessories such as a leather belt, a statement necklace, or a clip, you can elevate your outfit to a higher level suitable for multiple occasions. Put on a long vest with sneakers for a casual and everyday look. For a special occasion, you can use heels and a blazer to style your dress into a refined look. The possibilities are endless!

Shop your women’s dress in our collection

Elsewhere Fashion is proud of the fact that our dresses are produced fairly and at a fair price. They are assembled in our first-class studio from the best materials, take a look in the collection for your new item!
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