Women’s Winter Fashion: 5 new trends

The fashion trends for winter are once again very varied. For example, this year’s winter fashion for women ranges from a sexy corset and a tough biker look to nice warm knit sweaters. In all sorts of colors.
But such a distinct outfit may not be for everyone. You don’t walk the catwalk at work. And even if you’re a little older, you might not get away with that bright pink mohair sweater. So here are 5 new trends you can do something with.

Women’s winter fashion: 5 new trends

These trends are perfect for both the office and weekends.

1. Knitwear

The cold weather just screams for knitwear. For warm cable sweaters and wool sweaters. And so again in 2022-2023 it is popular winter fashion for women. Here oversized models and bright colors or prints predominate. But fortunately there is also more subtle knitwear that you can wear to work. You can find them in our pullover collection.

2. Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are here to stay. Or at least, we see them in abundance on the streets again this winter. Especially in combination with sneakers and a tight top. A cool look? Definitely. But not really suitable for more formal occasions. Take a look at our collection of trousers. In it you will also find comfortable pants with those pockets on the side. But just a bit more elegant.

3. Cardigans & waistcoats

Another winter fashion trend for women that comes back every year: cardigans. Here the long, warm cardigans are doing well again. Logical, because sometimes they practically wrap you in a warm blanket. Which is nice when it’s freezing outside. But this season waistcoats are also making a comeback. Combine them with one of our stylish basics or a (long) blouse and you are guaranteed to look stylish.

4. Long skirts

Skirts. Maybe not really a trend you would expect to see in women’s winter fashion. Nevertheless, they are definitely trendy this winter. We are of course talking about maxi skirts and long dresses. Say ankle height. Otherwise, it’s pretty chilly. Wear our skirts with boots if you’re in the office for the day or go for a more casual look with boots or sneakers. It’s all possible.

5. Natural accessories

Natural and animal materials are also popular this winter. Think fur and leather. But for many women a fur coat is just a bit too intense and a full leather look might be too much. Still, you can respond nicely to the natural trend with our accessories. A beautiful leather belt or even a leather necklace gives your outfit a fashionable touch … without compromising on elegance.

And this too is trendy this winter

It may be that the above trends don’t all suit you. Or that you hesitate between a few items. Do you still want to look modern? Then go for oversized clothes, for example. They are still in fashion. And garments in colors like creamy white, beige and khaki are also popular this winter. As is an outfit with shades of brown, by the way.

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