Clothing made in Europe

Clothing made in Europe

At Elsewhere Fashion you’ll only find clothing made in Europe. This way we strive to keep our carbon footprint low while ensuring the production of ethical and sustainable clothing under healthy conditions and with fair wages. In addition, we can keep a close eye on the quality and ensure you get sustainable fashion made from the finest fabrics. Each and every time.


  • Sustainable fashion
  • Social responsible clothing
  • Less CO2 emissions

Lower environmental impact

We like to contribute to a sustainable future for everyone. That means we’re doing our best to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible. By offering clothing made in Europe we reduce transportation to a minimum and our solar panels provide enough renewable energy to make our office, design and showroom carbon neutral.


Less waste

As our clothing is made in Europe, we’re able to take a reactive approach meaning we rather produce on demand than producing a lot of unused stock. We re-order popular items as they sell allowing for efficient inventory management. Remaining items can be put on sale, so they always find a nice wardrobe and don’t end up in a bin. Overall, this approach leads to less waste.


Socially responsible fashion

As the planet is important, so are people. That is why we entrust the production only to hand-picked partner factories that guarantee healthy and safe working conditions and pay their staff a fair income. Because our clothing is made in Europe, we’re able to monitor these processes extensively and safeguard our promise of delivering ethical and sustainable fashion.


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With organic fabrics, lower CO2 emissions and less waste we proudly present eco-friendly, sustainable and above all stylish and comfortable clothing made in Europe. View our collection and shop your new favourites now easily online.