comfortable fashion

Comfortable fashion

Looking good helps you feel good. However, if you’re wearing clothes that aren’t comfortable, those feelings disappear in an instant. Luckily, not every fashion style sacrifices comfort. In fact, all of our women’s clothing is designed with comfort in mind. So take a look at our collection and find both comfy and stylish pieces you can wear all day, everyday.


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What is comfortable fashion?

Comfortable fashion includes clothing that doesn’t chafe or is too tight. It refers to clothes that can be worn without any discomfort and – if possible – be effortlessly put on or taken off at the end of a long day. Whether a piece is comfortable highly depends on its fabrics, style and fit. For example, natural materials provide more comfort than synthetic fabrics since they breathe and absorb better.


Loose-fitting garments

Another aspect of comfortable fashion comprehends freedom of movement. You don’t want to be restricted by pants that are too tight or shirts that continuously creep up. That’s why you’ll find some loose fitting garments in our collection too. Great for when having a party or when you’re about to relax on your sofa at home.


Home & office wear

At Elsewhere we’ve got comfortable fashion for both casual times and formal events. Check out our blazers, blouses and skirts for some stylish office apparel and wear a pullover with one of our roomy trousers, leggings or other basics on the weekends. With sizes ranging from S to 3XL you’ll always find a piece that fits perfectly.


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