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Long dresses for women

Long dresses for women are versatile garments that every woman’s wardrobe simply needs. They’re stylish, comfortable and easy to wear to both formal and casual events. Great for summer, but a piece with long sleeves is just as nice for a cold winter’s day. In addition, they’re available in all kinds of looks. From sophisticated to casual and festive. So view our collection now and get inspired by pieces you’ll love!

Great summer & party wear

Long dresses for women are usually linked to bright days and party-like festivities. And rightly so, because a lot of these so-called maxi dresses make up for a stylish summer outfit and are more than suitable as party wear. Wear your dress with sneakers or heels and add a matching jacket for a fresh look in the evening. Or pair your robe up with a belt to add some vigor to your ensemble. Any other accessories will make your attire look gorgeous too.

Endless styling options

Our long dresses for women offer endless styling options. With dresses for both casual events as well as items for your business attire, we got dresses for nearly all occasions. For example our stylishly black robes serve as formal wear while a long buttoned up tunic provides a breezy outfit for a day at the beach. Long sleeved, short sleeved or as a singlet – there’s always a gown that perfectly fits within your plans today.

Shop our long dresses for women online

You can now shop your ankle length maxi-dresses online at Elsewhere Fashion. Modern fashion made from the finest Turkish materials using a fair production process, on the way to your doorstep within a few clicks. View our collection full of long dresses for women now or check our sale to find that one piece with a nice discount!