Skirts for women

Skirts for women are often beautifully fitted around the waist while sprouting at the bottom creating a modern wavy flow to it. Plain simple or decorated with beautiful embroidery, a skirt is the perfect item of clothing used for casual day to day wear, or to dress up for a special occasion. Discover our collection of designer skirts now at Elsewhere and shop your new favorite pieces easily online.

Versatility & uses

Often seen as the lower part of a dress, gown or even coat, skirts for women cover the body from the waist downwards with high-waisted models making a comeback. Nevertheless, they are also worn by men, most commonly as part of a traditional male garment such as the kilt in Scotland or the izaar worn within Muslim cultures. Currently, they are part of school girl uniforms, female business attire and common in sports such as hockey and tennis, although models with pants underneath are often referred to as skorts.

Types of skirts for women

At its simplest, a skirt can be crafted from a single piece of fabric, this is called a draped garment. Often made from denim, jersey, worsted or poplin, skirts for women are frequently crafted from some of the finest light to mid- weight materials. A skirt is considered to be an extremely versatile piece of garment that can be embroidered with the finest little details. Often crafted from fabric with a beautiful pattern made to stand out by adding a pocket, button or zipper ones tend to be influenced by fashion or social standards.

The ideal length

A slip can be added in order for the material to drape better and the hemline can vary from ultra short to a length reaching the floor. The length of skirts has often been changed based on societal standards, where a longer skirt was often seen as more modest. There are numerous well-known types of skirts such as the A-line, cirkle, pleated, wraparound, midi, sarong or bubble skirt, that are still very common in quotidian fashion.

Shop the look

Whether you go for a simple and modern look or like standing out with a pattern,skirts for women are a must-have in every wardrobe. Choose an elasticated waist for all-day comfort and smart casual wear, combine with a blouse for a semi-formal style or go for a full dressed-up attire with high-heels mixed with an elegant top to finish the look of the business professional.