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Smart casual women

Smart casual women find the delicate balance between relaxed and professional. On the one hand the popular look requires an outfit largely made of formal wear, but not looking overdressed is key on the other. No wonder it’s one of the hardest dress codes to nail. However, we’ve got some pieces you just simply can’t go wrong with for a smart casual outfit. Let’s compose your new attire for both business, parties and dinner now!


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What is smart casual for women?

The smart casual dress code for women includes outfits that combine well-fitting formal wear with elements of casual apparel. Not your typical business style of clothing, but also not as casual as you would dress during the weekend. The smart look is usually regarded as an upgrade of a casual outfit making it a great style for events that require a comfortable but little more sophisticated attire.


Smart casual outfit ideas

There are a lot of ways you can create a smart casual outfit. Combine a top with a bottom with these tips mind and you’re always perfectly dressed for the occasion:


  • As for tops
    When it comes to tops you have a few great options. Blouses always work well, but you could just as easily wear a blazer or gilet with one of our basics. Try to stick with smooth materials and avoid casual types of material such as cotton or denim. Also steer clear of bold prints. If needed, add some nice accessories for an extra casual touch.
  • As for bottoms
    Polished trousers are maybe your best bet when opting for a smart casual look. Think chinos, dress pants or some dark-wash jeans if you can’t find anything else. A tailored skirt would do the trick too. In many cases longer dresses are also viable options as long as they don’t reveal too much of your legs and chest. Wear practical footwear, but please leave your sneakers at home.


Shop smart casual clothing for women now at Elsewhere

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