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The waistcoat for women

A waistcoat for women is a sleek, charismatic sleeveless upper body garment, commonly layered over a dress shirt and styled below a coat to create a smart look. Also called vest, it is customarily part of a three piece suit. Effortless or edgy, it is the perfect garment for daytime formal or semi-formal wear. A smooth opening in the front styled with charismatic single and double breasted buttons or just one button ensures a perfect balance for both formal attire and quotidian wear.

Add a fashionable feminine touch

Nowadays the waistcoat for women possesses stunning colors and patterns to complement an overall feminine look, ranging anywhere from just below the bust to further down along the waist. More often than not the vest is fitted to compliment the natural flow of a woman’s shape, adding a fashionable feminine touch to chic formal and elegant business wear. Especially when worn with a skirt. A stunning incorporation within many styles (even a leather biker style!), a modern-day vest for women exceeds the stiff and monotonous style with notable patterns and contrasting shapes throughout.

A short or long waistcoat for women

Influenced directly by social standards, the waistcoat for women has somewhat changed with the years. From seemingly short, effortless ones to embroidered long womens waistcoats with a low cut, they vary between just below the chest to just over waist-length to even knee-length. A short model, well-known in earlier fashion to be worn under a suit jacket, is still a very common contemporary fashion item in today’s world in contrast to the tailcoat which is longer at the back. However, wearing a longer, more embroidered vest with a vivid color pattern or stitched pockets has just recently started making a trendy comeback. Whether short or long, it is sure to add style and finesse to any look.

Endless styling options

When part of a suit, the used fabric tends to be coherent to that of the other parts, completing a thoroughly styled look. A quick and easy way to add an extra layer of smart professionalism to your look is to style it up with a casual dress shirt or fancy top and modern jeans or trousers for a lavishly formal, every-day appearance. Following the natural flow of the body, a well-designed female gilet perfectly translates that feminine touch into an every-day outfit. Often made from firm fabric, a waistcoat for women can complement a natural waistline especially when layered with supplementary fitted garment. Offering around-the-clock comfort, giving in to this fashion trend would be considered to be a bright decision for years to come.

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