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Women’s blouses & shirts

Women’s blouses are loose-fitting upper garments typically gathered by the waist or hips. Common for informal, practical wear, these fashion items used to refer to women’s shirts that blouse out at the base, dominated by a feminine appearance. With centuries of tailoring tradition, they have become transitional pieces with endless styling options for women.

Formerly produced from thin fabrics such as silk, thin cotton or linen, they are now often made from utilizing synthetic fibers. The classic white top for women is often decorated with embroidery, loops and frills fitting in this day and age. The smart and structured shirt is easily customized by alternating the type of collar, sleeve length, fit and color pattern.

Black, white and colorful shirts

Commonly referred to as women’s dress shirts, women’s blouses are less susceptible to rules and may or may not include a collar, sleeves and feminine details like delicate ruffles, a soft bow or lace embellishments. Its contemporary style can be worn in countless colors accompanied by smart zippers, playful (breast) pockets or a tuck-in design. Wear it with casually rolled up sleeves on a cool summer day, or style it as a cover-up with frosty weather. It’s a timeless smart and fresh design wherever you go, be it formal and professional or casual.

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Perceived as transitional pieces, women’s blouses are often tailored to provide a closer fit to the wearers shape with buttons reversed from blouses of the opposite sex. With a floral print or striped pattern, notable collars or an oversized fit worn with a belt, both long sleeve and short sleeve women’s blouses remain a beautiful commonality in our modern day society and offer an abundance of speciality accents that fit the occasion perfectly.

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Wearing women’s blouses has become an embedded fashion trend, often considered a true necessity in a modern womens wardrobe. It is customary to match these shirts with trousers or a skirt. Simply tuck the button down top in for a traditional look or subtly let it hang over to follow its natural flow. Wear a long blouse dress with a notable belt to accentuate the waistline or wear it with a pair of sturdy boots for a more easy-going look. Match sleeveless tops with a simple pair of jeans to easily transform an outfit into a contemporary look or combine it with a pair of elegant trousers for a classy outgoing demeanor. The possibilities are endless. Shop your ideal women’s blouses now at Elsewhere.