Women’s cardigans

Women’s cardigans are essential wardrobe items made to beautifully cover the upper body during all both winter and summer. Commonly worn as a functional layer, these sometimes jumpers come fitted with smart buttons, placket detail and subtle flirtatious draping creating a cute all-round look. They come in various lengths and are often styled as a flattering overcoat to simply throw on and go out in style.

Stylish home and office wear

This season our women’s cardigans are distinguished by a subtle pattern crafted from linen, accompanied by a modest stretch. With its utterly flattering fit, clever panelled construction and breathable comfortable design, our button up vests are destined to be integrated in your daily wear. Additionally, our deep V-neck models or smart button-through designs are perfectly integratable with work attire, a stylish everyday look or a comfortable look at home.

How to wear

Jam packed with styling options, women’s cardigans have been around for years and are here to stay. Put together a casual look by styling these jumpers with a pair of jeans and a jacket, wear one with business attire like a pair of elegant trousers or combine with a well-rounded blouse to create a professional edge. They create a sophisticated look by inadvertently blending casual and smart wear together. It remains a commonality in today’s society and truly is a fashion garment that will stay populair for years to come.

Short & long women’s cardigans

Our plain and patterned pieces range from short-and-sweet to functionally-long and oversized with playful seams, charming pockets and sporty zippers to complete the look. The playful linen look combined with elastic fibers creates an unexpected look and feel to our high quality designer items. Its flirtatious silhouette and lightweight design is often issued in black or dark blue, beige and grey shades making it perfectly integratable with a pair of jeans giving your look that stylish edge.

Shop women’s cardigans now at Elsewhere

Based on the well known Dutch Design Fashion look, our women’s cardigans are fabulously effortless, unconventional, minimalist and exciting for women throughout the world. Assembled from the finest materials in our exquisite factory in Poland, our production process is kept fair while maintaining an honest price. With a stylish fit empowering women all over the world, an Elsewhere Fashion cardigan is a true necessity for your wardrobe.